Spiegeling is ready for the tour!

In our new 30-minute outdoor performance Spiegeling, three acrobats tell the audience what it means to them to be a strong woman or a sensitive man.

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Square 10 at Circusstad

Tall Tales Company exists 10 years and Circusstad Festival also celebrated its 10th birthday! On the occasion of the birthday, we made Square 10.

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King's day

Tall Tales Company proudly presented a scene from Square 10 to King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima in Rotterdam.

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Maartje Bonarius speaking on This is not a Circus

State of the Circus

Every year a leading maker is invited to reflect on developments in the circus field. This year Maartje Bonarius spoke at De Staat van het Circus during the contemporary circus festival This Is Not A Circus in Theater Bellevue.

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Maartje Bonarius: “Circus is still my language”

"My body is still the easiest way to communicate, circus is my language," writes Maartje Bonarius of Tall Tales Company

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Tall Tales Company Square Two scene image

Square Two above the Arctic Circle

After an amazing tour throughout the Netherlands, we can finally cross international borders with our site specific performance Square Two.

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Lecture at the Allard Pierson Museum

In this lecture, Harm van der Laan takes us on a journey through four millennia of theatrical circus and acrobatic forms of theatre, based on the circus collection.

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tall tales company, dordrecht museum, river boat city

River boat town

For the Dordrechts Museum we created a tailor-made opening with eighteen dancers and acrobats. For two years, dozens of volunteers, led by artist Edward Clydesdale Thomson, worked on a 15-foot wooden tjalk.

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Character A Clockwork Orange - Tall Tales Company gives interview

Tall Tales on TV!

This summer we made our debut on national television, thanks to the Norma Fund.

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Tall Tales Company with Square Two in Kunsthal

Tall Tales meets Alexander Calder

For one afternoon, the living juggling sculptures from Square Two stood in the Kunsthal, surrounded by the works of the founder of kinetic art, Alexander Calder.

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