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Practical Information

At the Tall Tales studio you can go for:

  • Autonomous training: free practice without supervision from Monday to Friday during the day.
  • Open training: free practice with supervision in the evening and weekend.
  • Courses: in numerous acrobatic disciplines at all levels, taught by circus professionals.
  • Masterclasses: one-off intensive masterclasses in the field of rigging, dance, theater or an acrobatic technique.

How it works
Step 1: register of log in
Step 2: Buy a subscription
Step 3: Check in to the studio every time you train
Step 4: Get training!

A day card, ten-ride card and annual pass are available for the open and autonomous training.

For Whom
The open and free training sessions are intended for adult circus artists of all levels. The courses are for everyone from the age of 15.

Rigging and safety
Safety is the highest priority for us. To ensure that everyone can train safely, the entire rigging is checked every three months by our riggers and all materials are annually re-inspected by an external specialized company. In addition, we have some important rules.

  • Don't train alone.
  • Always do a visual check of all materials used, both yours and ours, before you start training.
  • To be able to use the rigging points, regardless of your experience or level, you must first receive an instruction from one of our authorized riggers or teachers. If you have more than two years of rigging experience, you can then hang materials independently. If you have less than two years of experience, you should always have someone else check it.


The studio features:

  • 7 height-adjustable rigging points (with pulley) and some static rigging points at a height of 6,5 meters
  • A lounge
  • A large amount of fall and roll mats.
  • Aerial hoops, silks, and straps for general use (recognizable by the blue tape).

There is also underfloor heating, lots of daylight and a kitchenette available. For annual subscription holders there is the possibility to store some materials in the studio.

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