On the Move

30 minutes

Stefan Seedorf and Melody Nolan

Maartje Bonarius and Harm van der Laan

Jolanda Spoel

Gaby Demude

Jari Winsen

Tess Hummels

Devris Jament

A circus performer and a break dancer create a magical performance together. They float across the floor, pop up in unexpected places and fly through the air. This is how they tell about themselves, each with their own language. Will they be able to understand each other better?

In On the Move we see two completely different characters who gradually become more and more intertwined. While acrobatics and breaking seem to be mostly different at first glance, there are also many similarities. In this way, both disciplines celebrate individuality and diversity. The more personal your style, the better. The more extraordinary, the louder the applause. Both disciplines also have a high persuasiveness, accessibility and expression.

The theme of ‘bridging differences’ is central to On the Move. How can we as very different people work together and live in a place that is actually too small for that?
And how can you meet while speaking another language? Contact with other worlds broadens your view. In today’s society, where people seem to be opposing each other on many levels, a comma after your point of view is the best antidote.

Financially made possible by:

Municipality of Rotterdam, Fonds21, Performing Arts Fund, Volkskracht, Dioraphte, Norma Fund, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Vivace Foundation, Zabawas, Elize Mathilde, Erasmus Foundation, De Groot Fonds, Van der Mandele Foundation, Van Wijngaarden-Boot Collection Foundation, Mr. August Fentener van Vlissingen Fund, Countess van Bylandt Foundation, Janivo Foundation.