Square Two

Maartje Bonarius, Harm van der Laan

Joris de Jong, Harm van der Laan, Maartje Bonarius

Visual Arts:
Don Satijn

External Eye:
Sean Gandini

Luc van Esch

Jasper Boeke

Rotterdam Circusstad

411 – 411 – 31 – 31 – 411 could be an algorithm, password or perhaps a curious arithmetical code. Instead, these digits are the starting point of Square Two, in which three jugglers and the audience follow a trail through a distinctive building, neighbourhood or unusual location in which the physical and numerical world coalesce to become one.

Based on the mathematical artwork of Dutch visual artist Don Satijn, Tall Tales Company explores how codes can be the basis of movements and juggling.

Square Two changes your perspective towards juggling, visual arts and your own familiar surroundings.