On the Move

30 minuten

Stefan Seedorf en Melody Nolan

Maartje Bonarius en Harm van der Laan

Jolanda Spoel

Gaby Demude

Jari Winsen

Tess Hummels

As part of its long-term project Small Tales Tall Tales Company will make a new short performance every year in the coming years. Each performance makes a tour through the various neighborhoods of Rotterdam and can then be seen at national and international festivals.

In 2022, break dancer Stefan Seedorf and handstand artist Melody Nolan enter into an acrobatic dialogue. A performance about bridging differences and the endless search for a momentary moment of perfect balance.

On the Move

A circus performer and a break dancer create a magical performance together. They float across the floor, pop up in unexpected places and fly through the air. This is how they tell about themselves, each with their own language. Will they be able to understand each other better?



 Financieel mogelijk gemaakt door:
Gemeente Rotterdam, Fonds Podiumkunsten